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Carla Baker • Fiona Wynne • Mable Chawinga
Carla Fiona and Mable

The biggest challenges women in policing have faced over the years and are still facing today

We sat down with some of our female Behind the Uniform participants to discuss the experiences of women in policing across regions and found that while there are major differences within their regions and communities, their experiences and the challenges they face are often quite similar.

As Fiona Wynne says “We tend to think that the way we are dealing with it might be wrong and that we have all these problems and maybe in other places it’s not so bad but then when you actually speak to people who have experiences in different countries, you realise that actually it doesn’t matter which country you’re in or which police service you work for, a lot of problems will be the same because we’re dealing with the same issues and it makes me feel better to think that this isn’t unique to the UK, we’re all experiencing these challenges and so that’s quite heartening and it’s brilliant to be able to communicate with people from across the world.

“The common thread is that we all deal with people and people problems”

When asked about some of the major challenges that women have been facing over the years and still face today juggling shift work while raising a family was top on the list that all the women could attest to whether a parent or not, not to mention having a family and being able to advance in their career.

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